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Distinct Features by Edition: On-Premises vs. Managed Cloud

Explore the distinct features that set our on-premises and managed cloud editions apart.

Features On-Premises Hosting Syncfusion Managed Cloud Server
Active Directory Users Synchronization Yes No
Active Directory Groups Synchronization Yes No
Adding OAuth Connection for Application Access Yes No
Create and Visualize Custom Widgets Yes No
Custom Data Connector Yes No
Custom Widget Settings Yes No
Dashboard Templates No Yes
Data Cache Configuration Yes No
Data Store Configuration Yes No
Deploying Dashboards to Production Yes No
Email Settings and Logs Yes NA
Enable and Disable the connections Yes No
Finding Error and Event Logs Yes No
Import Groups from OAuth Provider Yes No
Import Groups from OpenID Connect Yes No
Managing User Profile Yes No
ODBC Data Connector Yes No
Row-level Security with Isolation Code Yes No
SMTP Email Settings Yes NA
SparkSQL Data Connector Yes No
SSO with Standard Identity Providers Yes No
User Import from Active Directory Yes No
User Interface Customization Yes No
Whitelisting IP Addresses NA Yes

This page explores the list of distinct features that set on-premises and managed cloud editions of Bold BI apart.