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Usage Analytics Dashboard

The usage analytics dashboard is predefined and enables you to monitor dashboard activity to better understand how users are interacting with dashboards.

The usage analytics dashboards are listed in the Usage Analytics category on the dashboard listing page.

Usage Analytics Dashboard

You can show or hide the usage analytics category in the dashboard listing page based on Usage analytics option in the dashboard settings page.

NOTE: The Usage Analytics option is available only to admin users, and usage analytics dashboards are read-only.

Dashboard Usage Analytics1

Dashboard Usage Analytics2

Usage Analytics Dashboard Widgets Details

The following section explains the purpose of each widgets in the dashboard.

Widgets Description
Activity Date Filter the dashboard values based on weekly, monthly or any custom values.
Total Dashboard Views The total number of dashboard views. A view is defined as a user rendering a dashboard.
Unique Dashboard Views Total number of unique dashboard views by users.
Dashboards Updated The total number of times, the dashboard gets modified.
Total Shares Number of times the dashboards was shared with another user or group.
Dashboards Created Total number of dashboards created.
Dashboard Rollbacks Total number of dashboards rollbacked to previous version.
Dashboard Deleted Total number of dashboards deleted.
Copied Dashboards Total number of dashboards copied.
Data Refreshes Total number of requests count and failed request count for data refreshes.
Daily Dashboard Views Total number of daily dashboard views.
Scheduled Exports Usage Scheduled Exports Usage for excel, pdf and image format in percentage.
Scheduled Exports Total number of times scheduled dashboard exports count for excel, pdf and image format and failed request count.
Active Creators Top active users based on dashboards created and edited.
Active Visitors Top active users based on dashboard visits.
Collaboration Activity Collaboration activity for comments in dashboard.
Dashboard Visits by User Details of users and their dashboard visits.