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Configuring manual filter in widgets

Starting from Bold BI v3.3.88 you can filter the data bind to the widget by using any of the fields present in the data source. You can use single or multiple fields to filter the widget data.


The chart widget shows Product Category with high sales. Using manual filters, we can show the data of a specific country. In this case, we will be showing the data of Germany using the Country field.

Chart widget: Shows the Categories with High Sales.
Chart widget

Chart widget: Shows the Categories with High Sales in Germany.
Chart widget with manual filter applied

How to configure the manual filter in widgets

  1. Open the dashboard in the Dashboard Designer.
  2. Select the widget in the design layout in which you want to add a manual filter.
  3. Click the properties icon as shown in the following screenshot.

Click properties option 4. Now, click ASSIGN DATA to open the data panel.
Assign data click 5. Drag the fields to the Filters section which you want to bind manual filter.
Configure manual filter section 6. Select Edit option in Filters menu provided in the settings icon in the filter field.
Configure manual filter section 7. Now, apply filter condition in the filter dialog to the dropped column.
Configure manual filter section
You can refer to this section to learn more details about widget filtering. 8. The widget will be rendered with the filter condition applied. Widget with manual filter applied

Rename option

Using the Rename option provided in the settings menu, you can rename the manual filter’s field name.

To rename the manual filter’s field, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Settings menu and select the Rename option as shown in the following screenshot.

Field rename option Now, the text will become editable.
Column rename option 2. Enter the text you want, and press Enter to save the changes.
Editing field display name


  • Multiple fields can be added in manual filter section as per requirement.
  • This section is optional. Skip adding fields to manual filter section, if it is not require.
  • Manual filter affects the visualization data in the widget.
  • The filter fields, are not included on View Underlying Data.
  • Widgets except image, text and line are supporting with manual filter section.
  • Manual filter section is currently not supported with conditional filtering for the widgets.

You can refer to this section to learn more details about widget filtering.