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Bold BI widgets import feature

The Widgets import feature allows you to import configured widgets from existing dashboards into a new dashboard. When drilling into dashboards where you have read-write permission, you will have access to all the widgets on the dashboard, which you can then drag into the current dashboard.

Follow the steps below to reuse the widgets:

  1. Click on the Existing tab in the widgets toolbox panel to see all the dashboards where you have read-write permission.

    Existing tab

    The existing panel with dashboards will now be displayed.

    Existing dashboard list

  2. Click on a dashboard to display all the widgets on that dashboard.

    Widgets list

  3. You can drag widgets from different dashboards to the current dashboard.

    Imported widgets

    NOTE: The imported widgets are independent and will not be affected when the original widgets are changed, but they will share the same data source.