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Collaboration in the Bold BI

This section explains how to collaborate with other users in the Bold BI cloud by commenting on dashboards.

The Collaboration feature in Bold BI lets users write comments on a dashboard to share with other users who have access to the dashboard. It is useful for tracking events and providing insights into those events. Users can also add links to other dashboards or any external websites.

Anyone with access to a dashboard can write comments. When a comment is added to a dashboard, users who have notifications enabled in their profile receive email and system notifications. Learn more about the notifications in this documentation.

Post a new comment

To post a new comment, open the dashboard and click the comment icon in the top-right corner as shown in the following image.

Click on comment icon

Type a comment in the text area and click Post to save the comment in the dashboard.

Post a comment

Save comment

NOTE: Clipboard images can also be added along with comments by simply copying an image and pasting it in the text area.

Reply to a comment

To reply to a comment, click the Reply icon in the comment as shown in the following image.


Type the reply in the text area and click Reply to save it in the dashboard.



NOTE: You can also reply to a reply of a comment. This can be repeated any number of times.

Edit a comment

To edit a comment, click Actions to see more options available to a comment or a reply and then click Edit as shown in the following image.


Edit the comments and click Save to save your changes.



Delete a comment

To delete a comment, click Actions button to see more options available to a comment or a reply and then click Delete as shown in the following image.


Show parent comment of a reply

To see the parent comment of a reply or to see which comment a reply has been posted to, click Actions and then click Show Parent button as shown in the following image.


By clicking show parent, the parent comments of a reply are highlighted as follows.


Mention Users in comments

Users can be mentioned in comments to notify them about the comments by email.

Type @ followed by the user’s name, and then select the user from the list of possible names to mention them in a comment.

Mention Users on comment

Mentioned Users

NOTE: The previous options - Post a new comment, reply to a comment, edit a comment, delete a comment, and the show parent comment of a reply- apply to Widgets inside a dashboard. Click here for more details about dashboard and Widget commenting.


Whenever dashboards or widgets receive comments, users will be notified in two different ways:

  1. System notification.
  2. Email notification.

Learn more about the notification here

NOTE: An email setting is not necessary for collaboration. If email settings are not configured, then email notification will not be sent.

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