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Connecting Bold BI to Google Sheets data source

What is Google Sheets - Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program which is a collaborative tool for cooperative editing of spreadsheets in real-time.

Connecting to a Google Sheets

Bold BI dashboard designer allows you to connect files which is uploaded in Google Sheets. It supports spreadsheet format files.

To enable this connection, follow the given steps:

  1. Click the Data Source button in the configuration panel to add a new data connection.Data Source panel

  2. Click CREATE NEW to launch a new connection from the connection type panel.Create Data source

  3. Click Google Sheets connection button in the connection panel.Google Sheets icon

  4. New window will appear. Here, select your account or click Connect New Account in the window opens.Connect to account

  5. The login window opens to authorize the user. Enter appropriate username and password for your account from which you want to access the Google Sheets data.

Sign in

  1. The authorization window opens. Here, click Allow to authorize Bold BI application for downloading your Google Sheets files and view meta data for your files.Allow Access

  2. Now, Google Sheets window appears. Set a data source name and choose file as shown in the following image.File Storage

  3. You can schedule refreshes to keep your data on the dashboard up to date using Refresh Settings option and click here to know more.Refresh Settings

  4. Now, click Select and then preview window will appear. Here, you can choose your preferred Tables and Columns.File Preview

  5. Click Connect and you will be navigated to data source designer page. Here, the worksheets/tables are listed in a tree view on the left side of the editing window.

  6. Now, drag and drop the worksheet/table you want to analyze, and preview the data by clicking Update.Data Preview

  7. Click Save to save the data source.

NOTE: When the configured Google Sheets is deleted or renamed from your account, an extract mode data source refresh will get failed and the configured dashboard will still work with the old data.

For more information on the API endpoints available for this data source, refer to their official API Documentation

NOTE: To obtain the client ID and client secret for the Google-related data sources, Refer to the Google OAuth Documentation.

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