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User Filter Modes

There are two kinds of modes present in User Filter.

Configure Data Source Mode

Lets consider our Hotel Revenue Management Dashboard, if the staffs or managers handling each region is more dynamic that the managers will be shuffled every 3 months, then the manual mode filter will require updating the user filter settings every 3 months. This will lead to errors if an update is not done on the right time.

This can be overcome by using the Data Source mode. In this mode we can have a mapping data source that will hold the details of the user along with the region that they server. So, when the region the manager or the staff is service is changed only the mapping data source data needs to be updated and the dashboard will be reflected with the changes automatically.

User Filter Data Source

So, for our sample we can create a mapping data source that will hold the names of the staff and managers and the country where they serve. The Data can be generated from any data source like Excel, Web API, SQL data sources. In this case we will be using an Excel file as shown below.

User Filter Data Source Mapping

NOTE: Microsoft Analysis Services data source cannot be used as a mapping data source.

First using the created excel data we will be creating a data source as Mapping.

In the Hotel Revenue Management Dashboard Data Source Open the User Filter dialog and choose Data Source mode. From the mapping data source list choose the newly created data source Mapping.

IMPORTANT: All the data sources that the current user has permission to read will be listed in the Mapping Data Source list

The columns from the mapping data source will be fetched and the data will be populated in the Identity column drop down and the column mapping list.

From the Identity Type choose the identity as Full Name as we are going to map the user based on the name column.

User Filter Identity Type

From the Identity Column choose the column Name, as this column contains the users full name.

User Filter Identity Column

From the Column Mapping list choose, set the mapping for the Country column with the Region column of the Hotel Revenue data source. Then check the Country column to use its data as the filter for the Region column.

User Filter Mapped

We can see a preview of the configuration using the Preview button. This will show us 10 records of the selected identity column and the mapping columns.

NOTE: Multiple columns can be selected from the Column Mapping list. All the filter will be applied based on AND logical operator.

User Filter Preview