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Working with Connected Accounts

This section will have the details to manage the external OAuth accounts that you have granted access for in Bold BI.

NOTE: Managing the OAuth-connected accounts support is not available in On-Premises Deployment, but it is available in Syncfusion Managed Cloud Server.

Features in Connected Accounts

The following operations can be performed on the connected-accounts page. They can be accessed from the context menu.

Connected account features icon

  • Reauthorize
  • Edit
  • Delete

Data button

Use the search bar to find your account.

Search connected account textbox

Reauthorize the connected accounts

You can reauthorize the account you connected earlier by clicking the reauthorize button in the context menu.

Re-authorize action is required if, both the refresh token (long live token) and access token expires for that account. On such cases users will have to re-enter the credentials to keep the data in sync.

  1. Click the Reauthorize option.

Reauthorize account button

  1. Re-enter the account credentials. You will get a success notification at the top-right of this page for confirmation.

Renaming an account

You will be asked to set a name for your OAuth account whenever a new connection is added. You are allowed to rename this connected account as you wish. Follow the below steps to rename an account.

  1. Click the Edit option.

Edit account button

  1. Enter the new account name in Name text box. Click Submit for the changes to apply.

Edit account icon

Deleting the connected accounts

You are also allowed to delete the account anytime in Bold BI. Deleting the account will revoke the existing token associated with that account and you will no longer be able to sync data to the dashboards and datasources created from that account.

  1. Click the Delete you can delete the connected account.

Delete account button

  1. Delete the connected account by clicking Yes button.

Delete account icon

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