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Data filters

Configuring Data Filters

Data Filters can be configured to restrict records visibility based on defined criteria. The configuration can be done by adding and deleting a filter condition.

Adding a filter condition

Click Filters option shown in the data design view window. Data filter window opens.

Data filters

Add a filter condition through clicking the Add button in the Query Filters window.

Filters wizard

Now, a filter condition will get added by default like below:

Filter condition

You can filter values with or without Null by checking or unchecking the Include Null option. If you check this option, only Equals and Does Not Equal condition will be shown like below. Based on these conditions, you may filter values with or without Null.

Null values condition

Modify the condition as you require and define criteria. The condition can be defined based on two options.

  1. Custom
  2. Parameters


In the custom, filter the records based on the columns. Based on its data type, the parameters to define will differ.

Condition based on column

With the date time type or text type column like above, you may get a toggle button TOP ā€˜Nā€™ at right, to enable the Top N filter to configure the field and the condition by which it has to be applied.

Select type

Select aggregation type

Dimension with Top N

Below example shows top 5 freight data of a city.

Example of Top N

For numeric type column, the parameters will be like below:

Numeric type

Select operators

Below example shows data of freight whose values are greater than 500.

Filter greater than

On clicking OK in above dialog, Data Preview grid will be like below,

Column greater than 500

For date time type column, the parameters will be like below:

Date time

Select date time type

Check all

Date time options

Below example shows data within the applied date range.

Example date time column

To add more than one condition, click the Add button.

Selected filters condition

NOTE: By default, AND operation will be handled in between two conditions. The operator can be changed to OR operation if needed.

Click OK to save defined data filter conditions.

Click Close or the Close icon at top right corner of the window to close the Filters window.


Filter the records based on the dashboard parameter values. This lets you dynamically change the parameter values from both the view and preview modes.

Click on the Parameters option as follows.

Parmeters Option

Select the desired parameter lists from the following dropdown. The first parameter will be selected by default.

Parmeters List

The following example displays data where the selected table column is equal to the chosen dashboard parameter. To create parameters, follow the instructions provided in the configuring dashboard parameters

Data Preview

For a date column with a date range type, it will show date format parameters only.

Parameter Date filter

NOTE: We have only provided support for dimensions, measures, and date columns with date range types.

Deleting a filter condition

Remove a filter condition by clicking the highlighted icon at the right of the respective filter condition.

Delete filter condition