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Strapi is a headless CMS (Content Management System) that allows developers to create API-driven content management systems without writing much custom code.

Grab API Token

  1. Log in to Strapi.
  2. Click the settings icon in the sidebar.
  3. Go to API tokens under global settings.
  4. Create a new API token.
  5. Fill in Name, Description, and Duration.
  6. Choose a token type: Read Only, Full Access, or custom.
  7. Save to view your API token.
  8. Copy it for configuration.

Connection Properties

In the YAML file, the configuration section contains the following properties:

Connectorname: Strapi
Api_secret_key: API secret key
Domain: Domain


version: 1
encrypt_credentials: false
    - name: Strapi_data
      connectorname: Strapi
        api_secret_key: <API SECRET KEY>
        domain: <DOMAIN>
        - TABLE1
        - TABLE2