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Slack is a popular messaging and collaboration platform for teams and organizations.

Grab User OAuth Token

To set up the pipeline, you need to create a Slack app in your workspace in order to obtain a user token for accessing the Slack API.

  1. Go to your Slack workspace and click on the name at the top-left.

  2. Select Tools > Customize Workspace.

  3. From the top-left Menu, choose Configure apps.

  4. Click on Build (top-right) > Create a New App.

  5. Choose “From scratch”, enter the “App Name”, and select your target workspace.

  6. Confirm by clicking on Create App.

  7. Go to OAuth and Permissions under the Features section.

  8. Assign the following scopes:

    Name Description
    admin Administer a workspace
    channels:history View messages and other content in public channels
    groups:history View messages and other content in private channels
    im:history View messages and other content in direct messages
    mpim:history View messages and other content in group direct messages
    channels:read View basic information about public channels in a workspace
    groups:read View basic information about private channels
    im:read View basic information about direct messages
    mpim:read View basic information about group direct messages
    users:read View people in a workspace

    Note: These scopes are adjustable; tailor them to fit your needs.

  9. From the “OAuth & Permissions” section on the left, add the scopes and copy the User OAuth Token.

Connection Properties

In the YAML file, the configuration section contains the following properties:

Connectorname: Slack
Access_token: Slack Access token


version: 1
encrypt_credentials: false
    - name: Slack_data
      connectorname: Slack
        access_token: <ACCESS TOKEN>
        - TABLE1
        - TABLE2
        page_size: <>
        start_date: <>
        end_date: <>