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Matomo is a free and open-source web analytics platform that provides detailed insights into website and application performance with features like visitor maps, site search analytics, real-time visitor tracking, and custom reports.

Grab Credentials

  1. Sign in to Matomo.
  2. Click on the Administration settings icon located at the top right.
  3. Navigate to “Personal > Security” on the left menu.
  4. Find and select “Auth Tokens > Create a New Token.”
  5. Verify with your password.
  6. Add a descriptive label for your new token.
  7. Click “Create New Token.”
  8. Your token is displayed.
  9. Copy the access token.
  10. Your Matomo URL is the web address in your browser when logged into Matomo, typically ”“.
  11. The site_id is a unique ID for each monitored site in Matomo, found in the URL or via Administration > Measureables > Manage under ID.

Connection Properties

The config section in a YAML file includes the following properties:

connector_name: Matomo
Api_token: Access token
url: URL
queries: Queries
Site_id: ID of the site
Live_events_site_id: ID of the Live events site

Example Configuration

version: 1
encrypt_credentials: false
    - name: Matomo_data
      connectorname: Matomo
        api_token: <API TOKEN>
        url: <URL>
        type: <REPORTS/VISITS>
        queries: <QUERIES>
        site_id: <SITE ID>
        initial_load_past_days: <LOAD PAST DAYS>
        live_events_site_id: <LIVE EVENTS SITE ID>