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What are Shared Tables

Shared tables are used to combine multiple data sources into one data source.

Once the tables are merged, you can perform operations such as joins and expressions. To learn more, click on this link.

How does it work?

When creating or editing a data source, there will be an accordion called Shared Tables in the tree view area where the schema and tables are displayed. By expanding this accordion, only data sources of the same mode that are currently shared to the logged-in user will be shown. Users can expand the data source and utilize the tables within it.

Any changes made to the original data source from which the table originated will be reflected here. So, if users modify a column, data, or drop the table, the current data source will also be affected.

Example: The user can join Salesforce data with Google Analytics using the same column field.

Note: The shared tables feature is only available in the All Extract and Web Live modes .

Steps to Join tables:

  1. Open the Shared Tables feature to integrate two or more data sources.

    Expand SharedTables

  2. Select the shared data source table and perform a drag and drop action.

    Add SharedTables

  3. The tables will be merged based on the same column fields.


Note: If you connect to a WEB API live data source, other web API live data sources will be listed in the accordion. Similarly, for extract mode data sources, all extract mode data sources will be listed.