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Connecting Bold BI to YouScan data source

The Bold BI dashboard designer connects to the YouScan web services through the REST API.

Choose YouScan data source

To configure the YouScan data source, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Data Sources button in the configuration panel to add a new data connection. Data source icon
  2. Click CREATE NEW to launch a new connection from the connection panel.
  3. Select the YouScan connection in the connection panel. Choose data source

NOTE: You can also create a data source from the home page by clicking the Data Sources menu on the left menu panel and selecting Create Data Source from the data sources page.

Choose data source from server

Create YouScan data source

Once you click the YouScan data source, the YouScan data source configuration panel opens. Follow these steps to create a YouScan data source:

  1. Enter the name and description (optional) for the data source.
  2. Click the Resources dropdown box and choose the required endpoint.
  3. Click the Relative Date dropdown box and choose the required relative date range such as Today, Past Week, Past Month, Custom, etc.,
  4. If the Custom option is selected in the Relative Date dropdown, select the Start date and End date value from the date picker.
  5. Enter the API KEY for the connected account in the textbox.
  6. By default, the Max size of Youscan pagination size is 10K for all endpoints. However, if you need to increase the pagination size for the mention endpoint with a date range, you can utilize the SinceSeq Filter checkbox. Using the SinceSeq anchors filter is the most helpful way to retrieve large results in this case. For more details and specific instructions, please refer to the provided documentation SinceSeq API documentation.
  7. Click the Custom Url to enter the URL manually. For more details you can refer to the documentation YouScan API documentation.
  8. Choose a time interval for the Refresh Settings using the combo box to periodically trigger the Rest API request to keep the data in sync with your dashboard.

Data source preview

You can also edit the connection information set using the Edit Connection option.

Additional information

Refresh Settings A period will pass before the next refresh call is triggered. This will automatically trigger a call for the API configured in the data source to keep the data up to date.

Setting up the URL

  1. For entering the URL manually, click the Custom URL, then enter the URL. Refer to the YouScan API documentation for more details.

  2. For example, if you need to retrieve the specific topic, you need to replace your Topic Id in the following API in Custom URL.

  3. Replace it in the URL to query particular conversations:<:topicId>/

For more information on the API endpoints available for this data source, refer to their official API Documentation

Preview and data import

  • Click the Preview & Connect to connect with the configurations that have been set.

  • The Choose Table(s) dialog opens. The schema represents the key fields of JSON data retrieved from the Alma Rest API request. This dialog displays a list of the schema(s) in the tree view and their corresponding values in the grid for preview. Select the required schemas from the tree view for the designer and click Connect.


  • Now, the data design view page with the selected table schema opens. Drag from the tree view table in the left pane and drop the table on the Query Designer page.

    Query Editor

  • Click Save to save the data source with a relevant name.

Connect using custom attribute and dashboard parameter

We have added support for custom attributes and dashboard parameters in the data source connection. You can now connect to the data source using custom attributes or dashboard parameters.

Custom Attribute


Dashboard Parameter

Dashboard Parameter

Note: Refer to the Dashboard Parameter Documentation and Custom Attributes Documentation for more details.

How to enable the incremental support for the mentions endpoints in the youscan data source

  1. Go to the YouScan UI and click the Endpoints dropdown menu. Select the Mentions endpoint from the list.
  2. Within the UI, you will see a newly added Incremental Refresh checkbox.
  3. Check the box to start the refresh process using the incremental method.

Enable incremental Refresh 4. Once the data source is created and the refresh is enabled, the youscan data will be moved incrementally. 5. The data from the YouScan Mentions endpoint will be moved to the data incrementally after the refresh is triggered.

Note: The purpose of incremental refresh is to move only the newly added data and avoid moving the entire dataset every time the refresh is triggered.

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