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Overview of Bold BI

Bold BI is a comprehensive embedded analytics platform designed to empower end users with data-driven decision-making capabilities. Our solution is tailored for a variety of use cases, enabling you to integrate powerful analytics directly into your business applications.

Our platform utilizes a modern data architecture model and boasts a range of in-built capabilities. With Bold BI, you can connect to your data, modify it to suit your specific needs, construct dashboards with relevant KPIs, and share these with your users to facilitate collaboration. Additionally, depending on your use case requirements, several other features can be enabled throughout these processes.

Bold BI also offers flexible deployment options. You can take advantage of the Syncfusion Cloud Managed service, or choose to deploy Bold BI in your own cloud environment or on-premise servers.

Whichever deployment you opt for, integration is supported through two different methods: JavaScript Embedding and IFrame Embedding. We recommend JavaScript Embedding for its seamless website integration experience, delivered via our Embedded SDK APIs. This method ensures a smooth and consistent user experience, further enhancing the value of your analytics.

Creating a dashboard

JavaScript Embedding

Embed API Reference